Therapy Session

For MAT Providers

Willow Lane Health supports medical professionals, including those who treat opioid dependent patients using Medication-Assisted Treatment (Suboxone, Subutex, etc.).   


Because WLH’s counseling services are provided only through telehealth technology, our patients do not visit a physical office for their therapy sessions. Patients only need a phone, computer, or tablet to interact with their therapist.  Specific benefits include: 

1. WLH’s telehealth platform is confidential, HIPAA-compliant, and very convenient for patients.  

2. There is no cost to your office for referring patients to WLH as we bill patients directly.  

3. WLH uses a HIPPA-compliant Electronic Health Records system, providing Health Information Exchange opportunity for MAT practices using compatible EHRs.  

4. WLH provides same-day Patient Session Verification letters to your office, alerting your staff to which of your MAT patients have fulfilled their counseling requirements. These letters can be faxed, digitally e-faxed, or transmitted to your EHR through Health Information Exchange.  

5. Because WLH focuses on addiction treatment therapy, we understand the compliance requirements related to MAT treatment and its related counseling.  

6. WLH is open full time, giving your patients access to available times and days that fit their schedules.  

7. WLH handles all scheduling, re-scheduling, and cancellation issues with counseling patients after their initial appointment.  

8. WLH limits the number of patients and patient sessions our therapists handle in order to ensure optimal patient care and a healthy culture for our therapists.  

9. Your office may choose to market the fact that you offer required counseling through a convenient, easily accessible telehealth solution.   

10. At present during COVID, telehealth therapy presents a potentially healthier and safer alternative to in-office counseling visits.  

11. Unless otherwise instructed, WLH bills patients through Medicaid or accepts self-pay directly from patients.   

12. Our credit card self-pay schedule is simple:  

15 min initial consultation: Free 

Intake session: $100 

2nd session (treatment plan): $90 

Subsequent sessions: $45 per 30 min 

For more information on how we may potentially assist you, contact Angie Leopard at 828-506-0718. 

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