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How We Work

Substance Use Disorder continues to plague American life. But for far too many Americans who want help conquering their addictions, quality care is difficult to find.  For Americans who live in rural areas, struggle with transportation issues, want to avoid the embarrassment of sitting in care facilities, or just can’t get to a physical location because of other life situations, quality addiction treatment can seem like an impossibility.  

Willow Lane Health is committed to evidenced-based therapy that works. And we are committed to providing it to our patients in the most convenient way possible.   


Due to technology advances in the last several years, and due to COVID-19 and the necessity of finding better ways of providing healthcare to Americans, telehealth continues to advance to meet the needs of Americans.  Willow Lane Health uses confidential, convenient technology that allows our therapists to engage and interact with their patients through phones, computers, and tablets.  Because Willow Lane Health works solely through online technology, our patients do not drive to physical offices, do not sit in waiting rooms, and can engage with our therapists from the comfort of their homes, in their cars, or wherever suits them.  


Our passion is to provide top-quality, evidence-based addiction therapy to people seeking recovery in a way that is simplest and easiest for them.